After several robberies in Fayette County we’re working for you to find out how you can keep your home safe


The Fayette County Sheriff’s office is investigating a string of burglaries in the Hico and Lavista area.  
Over the past few month deputies have responded to two burglaries on Sunday Road and four burglaries on Lookout Road. Most of the items stolen were firearms and tools. 
No arrests have been made, but deputies have identified four potential suspects. 
Following the string of break-ins, we’re working for you to find out what you can do to protect your home from becoming a burglar’s next target.
In a perfect world we would all have high tech security systems with surveillance cameras, but something like that may not be feasible for all of us. 
One simple thing we all need to remember is to not make ourselves an easy target for robbers. 
One homeowner that had tools stolen from her garage did admit that the burglars also went through her car, which she had left unlocked, but another homeowner, Bobby Ramsey, says that locking it isn’t going to make a difference, “Heck they just they cut the locks off my cousins building, so locking it up isn’t going to do any good. I think it’s someone that knows what they’ve got.” 
Ramsey went on to tell me theirs only one thing you can do, “Just watch at night time, because that’s when it’s all happening.”
Staying up all night is not an ideal solution. Sheriff Steve Kessler says the best thing is for neighbors to watch out for each other and call anytime they see anything suspicious and he says if your not going to be home to give the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department a call, “You know if their leaving there homes and going on vacation, they should at least notify us, so we can check on their homes. We can’t do them all, but we surely would try to.” 

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