Ambulance Service Stresses Patient Equality


Jan-Care Ambulance Service is trying to get the word out that everyone deserves emergency services, no matter what background they may come from. 

Jonathan Cresong has worked at Jan-Care for seven years. He says a reliable EMS service is vital to the safety of people in Southern West Virginia. 

“A lot of times we’re the first line of care for these patients, in the field before they even get to the hospital,” Cresong says. “And the overall goal is so that we can provide treatment to people no matter their circumstance, no matter the problem. Even in emergency and non emergency responses.”

When Cresong says no matter their circumstance, he means it. Even if you are suffering from drug addiction or have overdosed. Cresong has this message for anyone who believes they are aren’t qualified to receive EMS care.

“Every time whether it’s a phone call or the pager goes off, every response we go on, we go with the same mindset,” Cresong says. “Each patient gets the same treatment the same care, we remain professional. Everybody gets the same treatment, everybody deserves the same treatment because at the end of the day we’re all human beings.”

Cresong says on an average week he’s working up to 72 hours and taking more than 30 response calls. But for him, it’s helping out the patients that makes it all worth it. 

“I really care about people, and I believe there’s not enough people in EMS,” Cresong says. “And it’s in my family, but I want to be able to go help people and just care for people.”

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