An upcoming Raleigh County little league season may be canceled after vandalism leaves fields destroyed


Every year, kids across the country put on their caps and gloves and hit the diamond. But kids in the Sophia Little League may not be able to cross home plate this year.

“The vandalism is bad every year, but this is the worst I’ve seen it,” Michele Davis said.

Davis has kids in the Sophia Little League. She took me around the ball fields and showed me the extent of the damage
“If you look right here, all of the electrical work has been stolen out of this and we have no power to this building,” she said.

Electrical work for the lights and score board stolen, bleachers gone, destruction everywhere you look. The damage totals close $15,000.

“Just to come out here and destroy our field and put us at jeopardy to not be able to have kids out here to not have kids out here on the ball field is really troubling,” Davis said.

But Davis isn’t the only one who feels strongly about this issue. I spoke with several other parents who are just as upset.

“Do they not think that this is going to affect anybody else? They are stealing this, they’re getting the money for it just to solve their problem for right now, but in the end it hurts everybody,” Robin Fisher said.

“You are stealing from a child, you are stealing from 300 kids that are up there to learn and to have fun and to play ball,” Amanda Parks said.

Now to help raise the money to get the fields ready for opening day, a GoFundMe account has been created. Davis tells 59 News if they don’t raise enough money, they may not have a season.


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