Animal cruelty not found in Fayette County horse neglect


Horses, powerful and beautiful creatures. These majestic animals have been cared for by Gerry Bateman for over 20 years.

“I’m 60 years old and I want to retire, but I can’t because who wants a horse now,” Bateman, the owner of Equestrian Adventures said.

Now, people in the community are accusing him of animal neglect. They claim they noticed horses in his fields that look malnourished.

“I think if I were driving by and I saw a skinny horse, I would be concerned, but I know enough about horses, I would first ask old and what’s wrong with the horse, I’ve learned never to assume anything,” he said.

Fayette County sheriff Steve Kessler hired an equine vet and sent several of his deputies out to investigate Batemans farm Monday.

“We do not have any case of neglect here,” Kessler said.

The vet gave Bateman recommendation on different worming medicine as well as notified that one of his horses had an ulcer in its mouth.

“Are there a couple of horses that are a little too thin, yes, but that’s an issue with medicine,” Kessler said.

Sheriff Kessler said they will continue to monitor the health of the horses after the recommendations were made.

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