Appalachian Power crews repair remaining downed lines


If you’re one of those unlucky people who still don’t have electricity, there’s still hope.

On Sunday crews from Appalachian Power headed out to make some of their last repairs to damaged lines in the most rural areas of the region. Although many of their power lines are easily accessible, it’s remote areas like parts of Fayette County that take extra time to fix. 

“First, we have to hike it and find a route to get there because this one’s right through the woods. This particular line is almost a mile and a half, two miles away from any house. It goes across the mountain,” said Steve Shuff, Appalachian Power Line Crew Supervisor. 

To repair that line, not only does the work crew have to travel across the mountain, but so does all their equipment. After the crew locates the downed line, they have to hike the area to find the best route to get there.

“Most of the time we have a good feel because we’ll send people out ahead of time. We have people assess the line, walk the line, and see what’s torn up and we try to put the people in that area so they know the best ways in here,” Shuff added. 

When they have to repair lines in rural areas, they have to bring an additional crew to cut down trees to create a path to the line. It’s a process that takes time, but Crew Supervisor Steve Shuff knows every step counts. 

“I know it gets aggravating when you’re power is off. But we’re there from the get go, until the end and we’re trying to get it back on as fast and safely as we can,” said Shuff. 

About 98% of Appalachian Power customers affected by Wednesday’s storms have had power restored. Crews are planning to restore power to the remaining affected customers by 9:00 p.m. Sunday.

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