Area City Councilman Uses Social Media to Address Overgrown Lawn Problem


A St. Albans, WV city councilman has been posting photos online of overgrown yards in his neighborhood and for that he says he has been called a “lawn shamer”.

Lorene Clark says she and her husband spend hours every week keeping their Lincoln Avenue lawn spotless. 

“My husband prides himself of this lawn, he does. No weeds in the lawn or nothing,” said Lorene.

Councilman Chris Withrow says, unfortunately, not all home owners in his ward take pride in their properties. 

He took to Facebook to post pictures of their unkempt lawns and says he was accused of being a bully for not taking elderly and low income citizens into consideration. 

“I’ve got thick skin. I’m not going to cower down to anyone because their opinion is completely different from mine. I know my motives. My motives are to bring back St. Albans and get it looking nice,” said Councilman Withrow.

A St. Albans city ordinance states that property owners must keep their grass below 10 inches tall or else they can be fined. 

Councilman Withrow worries that the over grown lawns will hurt the communities reputation.

“I think that if we cut the grass and work on the houses the crime rates are going to drop because you are going to give no place for criminals to hide,” said Councilman Withrow.

Lorene says that she didn’t see Councilman Withrow’s post on social media, but she does hope that people will take more pride in their property. 

“It is sad, yeah. This is a nice town and people need their property kept up,” said Lorene Clark.

Officials with the St. Albans building department say that each overgrown property case varies. They also tell us that the city will issue a warning to homeowners before they are fined. 

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