Arrests in one crime lead to more arrests in Wyoming County


Deputies in Wyoming County foil a break-in, then arrest those who were targeted in the crime on drug charges.  Investigators said they found two men in the Glover area who were allegedly plotting to rob a house.  Bradley Sheppard and Jacob Meade were sitting in a car on Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017 wearing hoodies and rubber gloves.  One of the men had a gun between his legs. the other had a hammer hidden in his sleeve.  

Sheppard and Meade are charged with attempt to commit a felony and conspiracy to commit a felony.  Sheppard is being held in the Southern Regional Jail.  Meade was released on a $5,000 bond.

During questioning, the men told detectives that they were going to rob the home because they believed there was marijuana and money inside.  When deputies went to the home, they confirmed that there was a large amount of pot and $7,000 in cash.  At that point, two people inside the house were taken into custody.  Travis Gulley and Nathan Miller were arraigned on Friday, Sept. 1 in Wyoming County magistrate court.

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