Attorney General Works to Attack Opioid Epidemic


Opiates have taken the lives of many here in West Virginia and state officials say they have had enough. The Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey is working with the Mountain State is tackle the addiction.

“We have a terrible epidemic that has been ripping our state,” says the Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey. 

Opiates, to some it’s a prescription medication, but here in West Virginia, it’s one of the deadliest problems the state faces. That’s why Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has partnered up with the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine to combat the growing problem.

“Train the future physicians so that in the future we don’t have this,” says the President of WVSOM, Michael Adelman.

35.5 people die from drug overdose for every 100 thousand people there are in West Virginia and 3 quarters of those deaths are related to opiates.

“What we found is that there is a dramatic over supply and over prescription in WV and we have to bring those numbers down,” says Morrisey.

To do that they plan to educate our future doctors and directly implicate their guidelines in the school’s Robert C Byrd Clinic.

“To look for other ways to treat besides than just using medications,” says Adelman.

“But you have to be holistic about it otherwise we’re going to lose a generation of West Virginians to this epidemic.” says Morrisey.

Together they are working toward the same goal.

“We can see real changes in our communities and better health for West Virginians,” says Adelman.

In upcoming months Morrisey plans to have other healthcare groups and hospitals to join their partnership to attack this epidemic.

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