For Janet Lintala, it all started when she had her first child – little did she know her son would have Autism.  It took a few years of seeing her child struggle to understand that she was an autism mom. Doctors she met with prescribed her 3 year old laxatives and other medications she didn’t think was right.  So she attended workshops and conferences, did research and took notes. She found there were natural ways to deal with Autism. 

“There’s wonderful thing we can do that are non prescription to support these conditions and then your child sleeps through the night or has a bowel movement or is in a good mood and can pay attention without being so heavily medicated,” said, Janet Lintala. 

She started to hold her own workshops and founded a The Un-Prescription Foundation for Autism to help others. That’s when people told her she had to write a book.

“It’s sort of our handbook it’s the book I wish someone would had handed me the night I brought my baby home,” said, Lintala. 

She had never written a book before – and never thought it would become this successful.  It has been published around the world and has won a number of awards. 

“I was so excited that it started winning awards, the first one was the best book awards it’s won four national and two international awards so it won the best book awards for alternative medicine, it won the the International Book Awards a double winner in psychology and alternative medicine and probably the best one is the Nautilus Gold Award,” said, Lintala. 

Lintala will be traveling all over the country speaking at a number of workshops. Publishers have even asked her if they could publish it in French. She hopes this is the beginning of her book being translated in many different languages.

This is just the beginning for Lintala, she says she’s already working on a second book.