Avid Bicyclist Gives Safety Tips For Riders And Drivers


Riding on the roadways can be dangerous for people who ride bicycles.  Now that the warm weather is here, there will be many bicyclists out on the roads.  We spoke to an avid bicyclist and got some safety tips.  

43 year old Mike Laney has been riding his bicycle for 5 years now.  He said he puts in about 13 miles a day and 2,400 miles a year.  Laney said he always tries to wear his safety gear when he hits the road.  

Laney said, “A lot of folks are very impatient when it comes to bicyclists.  I’ve seen some folks that are bad bicyclists.  I’ve seen bad drivers.  When you mix the two together is when you have an issue.  Just patience, give us a couple of seconds 10, 15 seconds and we’ll be out of your way.”

Laney has had a go pro camera for about 3 years now.  He puts it on the back of his bike for safety purposes in case an incident happens.  

Laney said, “I’ve had a few close calls.  Thank the Lord I haven’t been hit yet.  I’ve had a few instances.  It’s a scary situation definitely wakes you up.”

Captain Neil Turley at the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office said drivers should be on alert for bicyclists this time of year.   

Turley said, “We would encourage drivers to be mindful of bicyclists being out.  it is getting very warm at this time and people like to ride their bikes and travel.  it would be a courtesy to them to get over in the next lane if it’s able to do so.”

Laney said, “At least slow down a little bit to a safe speed.  Virginia law gives us 3 foot.  Try to abide by that that’s not 3 foot from the shoulder, that’s 3 foot from the individual.”

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