A new school year means new friends, new supplies, and following the same old rules for bus safety. George Brooks II, Director of Transportation for Greenbrier County Schools knows the rules, and sees firsthand how children can jeopardize their safety.

“A lot of times the young ones want to get out of their seats. That’s always a panic mode when someone gets out of their seat,” says Brooks. Staying seated, and facing front, is one of the most important rules that Brooks says needs to be followed. “We have compartmental seats which is the safest place for the student, facing forward. Because the cushion in front of the seat protects them in the vent of a collision or a sudden stop.”

Each bus has also been equipped with internal cameras and some buses even have them on the outside to video any unsafe driving, especially when the Stop arms are out and flashing. In case students forget any safety tips over the summer, they are given two emergency evacuation drills a year and an instructional class as a safety reminder. 

Brooks mentions that safety is a team effort, starting with the mechanics and including drivers, students, and parents. Superintendent of Greenbrier County Schools, Jeff Bryant, agrees, adding Brooks and his team are the best people for the job. “They all hold the safety of our students very dear to their heart. So they’re well trained, they care about their students, and they watch over them very carefully,” says Bryant. 

Both men say that when it comes to back to school check lists safety is number one.