For a lot of parents, back-to-school shopping almost breaks the bank.

Sarina Skidmore, mother of three, said, “You have to buy all of their clothing; you have to buy their shoes. And kids that are growing, you go through clothing and shoes. By the time Christmas comes around, you’re buying double again.”

59News found out your secrets to saving money.

Janette Terry said, “A lot of times I would even go to thrift stores or consignment shops”
Skidmore added, “Sometimes it’s even better to shop online because you get much better deals.”

Local stores prepped for more shoppers this time of year. Magic Mart has sales on clothing and school supplies, but some items sell faster than others.
Store manager Ronnie Boyd said, “We get a lot more clothing business than school supplies. We get quite a bit the week of school and once everyone finds out exactly what they want, we sell a lot.” encouraged shopping end of summer sales, or find clothes that kids can wear year round, like polo shirts. You could even host a back to school swap

Linda Bush of Oceana, Wyoming County said, “If you can find someone that has kids about your kids size, maybe they’ll let you have [their clothes].”