Baseball fractures two-year-old’s skull at a baseball game


Tuesday night was the last home baseball game of the season for the Princeton Rays. It was all fun and games until a line drive was hit into the stands hitting two year old, Mackenzie Proffitt in the head, fracturing her skull.  

Shortly after it happened, Mackenzie became unresponsive and had to be air lifted to Charleston Area Medical Center. Now, the young girl’s mother is bedside with her daughter awaiting surgery.

“That way they can remove the pressure on her brain and hopefully it won’t swell and hopefully after her surgery everything will be better,” Kayla Proffitt, Mackenzie’s mother, said. 

Proffitt said she knows it was a freak accident, but thinks something needs to keep something like this from happening again. 

“I mean accidents happen and they can’t be held accountable but at the same time it’s not really fair for my baby. She didn’t ask for this. She didn’t ask to be in the hospital,” Proffitt said. 

The General Manager of the Princeton Rays said it’s too soon to think about further safety precautions at the stadium but says their main concern is the well being of the little girl. Right now, Mackenzie is in stable condition and can open her eyes a mover her hands on her own. She’s expected to have surgery on Thursday morning. 

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