Beckley Concert Association hosts Mountainside Baroque


The Beckley Concert Association hosted the Mountainside Baroque performers Sunday during a special performance.

“I like the modern music, I just like to get out and see it. We’ve belonged to it for many years now. I enjoy it and my husband enjoys it,” said Florence Denny, audience member. 

Season ticket holders like Florence Denny have been able to see a wide range of performances during the concert season.

“It’s wonderful, we are very diversified. The five concerts we’ve had this year have ranged from folk to jazz to baroque to pop music so it’s fun to give different opportunities to the community,” said Peggy Debnam, Beckley Concert Association. 

During the final concert of the season people were able to listen to a unique style of music called baroque. The performance featured a soprano, a mezzo soprano and sounds from a variety of instruments.

“They pay very traditional, historical instruments like the obo and harpsichord and the viola and violin and cello so it’s a very interesting sound,” Debnam added. 

“The artists performed about a dozen songs in German. Audience members could even follow along with the musical number by reading the English version of the song in their program.

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