Beckley FD Trains New Members


This week three new members of the Beckley Fire Department are wrapping up 10 weeks of extensive training. 

Carrying more than 100 pounds of equipment, the three newest members of the Beckley Fire Department forced their way into a staged high rise fire as a part of their training. 

It’s in that moment when they have to act fast.  “All the training we’ve gone through in the past couple of months takes over,” one of the newest members, Josh Davis said.

They crawled on their hands and knees in the smoke filled building with one goal in mind.  “To get in and out quick,” another new fire member, John Handy said.

Working as a team they searched for the source of the heat. “You have to look for the orange glow, you have to listen for it because the faster you get that fire out the better chance the persons in the building has,” a new member, Ryan Arthur said.

Once they find it, they released gallons of water onto the blaze, but their jobs were far from over. “You just have to think somebody lives in there, you have to find them,” Arthur said.

Once located the victim, their job isn’t over yet. They still have to get the victim down here to safety. “Getting the victim down the ladder it’s tougher than what you think,” Handy said.

This is all to prepare them for a real life rescue. “At the end of the day we’re here to help people,” Arthur said.

The courageous men said if this training has taught them anything, it’s the toughness under the helmet. “It’s exhausting,” Arthur said.

“It’s not easy but it’s a lot of fun,” Handy said. “Its good to see someone smile to know you helped them,” Handy added.

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