Beckley Marines Host Family Night


Its Family Night for the Marine Corps recruiting office in Beckley. Its an opportunity for families and future marines to learn what’s in store for the journey the lies ahead. 

“We talk to them about their expectations of what their commitment means in terms of prior to going to recruitment training 
what they are going to experience while they are there and then once they get back what life is going to be like 
in the Marine Corps,” Staff Sergeant Scott Childers said.

For Terri Cooper its a bitter sweet moment. Her son Charlton is a senior at Richlands high school and is set to leave after graduation.

“It’s a feeling of pride and mixed emotions as well as kind of a little scared to lose him he’s leaving me but growing up but growing up very very proud of him,” Cooper said.  

Charlton says October 2 cant come any sooner. 

“This means I can do something with my life  It means I don’t have to when I’m like 40 years old  I can look back and think I actually did something rather than worked at a fast food restaurant or something like that,” Charlton said. 

For Tyler Wyatt this moment is about keeping his  family tradition of serving alive. His father Sean Wyatt is a fire captain in Princeton and applauds his sons decision to honor and serve his country. 

Its a family thing actually my cousin was the one I went to Paris Island for  about seven years ago and ever since I’ve just wanted to become a marine. 

“I am very proud of him I just like to see him grow make the best he can as a marine hopeful makes it a career but if he doesn’t come back home and serve his community,” Wyatt said.

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