Beckley Mayor says there will be 4th of July fireworks


Fireworks at the Armory, It’s a 4th of July tradition in Beckley. Until last year, when Mayor Bill O’Brien thought the $10,000 used for the display could be used for something more important, like the city’s debt. As a result, the people of Beckley weren’t happy. 

“I didn’t think it would be as big a deal as it turned out to be because there was fireworks 3 miles down the road and it was a good show,” Mayor O’Brien said. 

The Mayor said last year was a learning experience and he now knows how important this display really is. 

“This is a big deal. Independence fireworks, everybody is asking about it,” O’Brien said.  

This year the display will be sponsored by Suddenlink. The company has given the city a $10,000 check for the whole show. 

Sudden link, a cable broadband service, has donated 10,000 dollars to cover the full amount of the fireworks show. Suddenlink representatives said when they heard of the opportunity, they jumped on it. 

“We live here, we work here and we want to be involved in the community,” Jack Ozminkowski said. 

The firework show will be on July 3, 2015 instead of the 4th. 

“4th of July, sometimes the providers are booked up and we we thought the 3rd was better anyway to start off the holiday weekend,” The Mayor said. 

The show starts at 9:30 PM. 

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