Beckley School Wins First Place In Pumpkin Drop


About 400 pumpkins fell off the 11 story building on WVU Tech’s Campus on Friday, Oct. 27, 2017.  It was part of the 30th Annual WVU Pumpkin Drop.

The goal is to drop a pumpkin off the roof of the building and have it land closest to the target with the least amount of damage. The Greater Beckley Christian School in Prosperity students said their physics class participates in the event every year, but this is the first year they’ve won the competition. 

“We took a kitchen size trash can, packed it with popcorn and Styrofoam cups and we made a little seat belt for our pumpkin so it wouldn’t move around and we made a parachute as well and I think all of that together really helped us win,” said Katie Thompson, a student at Greater Beckley Christian School.

Thompson added there was a lot of math involved. She said the best part was having their physics class put their ideas together and see something that they made work in action.

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