Behind the crown: A day with the State Fair Queen


Lexi Farmer greeted hundreds of people at the State Fair of West Virginia on Wednesday, August 19, 2015. 

Farmer’s story might surprise you. She was the first WV Association of Fairs and Festivals queen to be an active military member. 

“I’m in the WV Air National Guard. My dad is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air National Guard, so that’s the main reason I decided to join. And also, they pay for 100% of tuition for any school in West Virginia,” Farmer said.
Lexi won the title of State Fair Queen in January, beating out 75 other local fairs and festivals titleholders. 
“Whenever I won the title I had drill that weekend, so I had to get special permission to miss drill that weekend. I told everyone if I don’t win, I will be at drill on Sunday no matter how tired I am. And I ended up winning,” said Farmer.
Her job now is to promote the significance of Fairs and Festivals in the mountain state.  
She said, “There are so many businesses around the state that are local that people don’t realize have a great benefit to the state. So, it’s great for all the businesses to come out to the fairs and have a lot of publicity.”

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