Bluefield College students lead discussion about Wednesday Women


With President Trump’s Immigration Ban fresh in everyone’s mind, Bluefield College is taking the opportunity to make their international students feel at home. Tuesday night, two international students hosted a discussion about World Hijab Day, which takes place Wednesday. 

Misbah Muzaffer is a senior at Bluefield College. As a student, she’s used to listening to lectures, but on Tuesday she was the one leading the conversation about a topic close to her heart. 

“It meant a lot to me to see all the people come out and support me. It’s so heart warming to see all these people protesting for my rights, for minority rights and standing up for what America stands for,” said Muzaffer, Bluefield College Student.

Bluefield College is taking part in Wednesday Women, a national initiative that encourages women to wear the hijab, to show support and solidarity for minority rights. Muzaffer led a discussion about the tradition of the hijab, the meaning behind it and most importantly, why she wears it.

“It felt really amazing being given the opportunity to tell people about my religion, about Islam, especially with all the misconceptions right now. I see it as a blessing that so many people did come out and were so open minded and wanted to understand what I believe in,” Muzaffer added. 

This initiative began at Bluefield College after Maria Zalduondo walked in the Women’s March in Washington just last week. There, she learned about the national campaign aimed at supporting the religious freedoms of minority groups. 

“Here at Bluefield College we are a Christian centered institution but we welcome all faiths. We are a community that is inclusive so it’s very important to us to provide students with the opportunity to see that in action, to see this idea of acceptance and community unity in faith,” said Zalduondo, Bluefield College Global Education Director.

Muzaffer says she’s thankful for the support and kindness shown by her peers and Bluefield College.

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