Bluefield State Board Chairman Resigns After Controversial E-Mail Is Sent


A former Bluefield State Board Chairman is stepping down.  It’s all because of a controversial e-mail.  College and Media Relations Director Jim Nelson said Roger Topping accidentally hit reply to all instead of just reply when responding to an e-mail sent to him by president of the college, Dr. Marsha Krotseng.  Krotseng forwarded the e-mail from the classified staff to Topping. The e-mail was discussing upcoming topics for a meeting on

April 16, 2015


Nelson said, “In his reply to Dr. Krotseng, he used some pretty unfortunate language.”

This is what the e-mail said at the beginning according to Nelson.  It said, “It sounds like a b**ch session to me.”

Nelson went on to say, “He referred that he and another board member would try to deal with or address the mob and there are 11 issues and there were 15 minutes allotted and it would be a challenge to get through all 11 issues and that list of issues in the 15 minute allotted period.”


April 29, 2015

, the Board of Governors passed a resolution saying they disavow the comments made.  Topping issued an e-mail apology.  Part of Topping’s apology said, “Please accept this as notice of my resignation from the Board of Governors of Bluefield State College.  Recent remarks that I made have caused much pain for the Board of Governors and Dr. Kotseng.  It has been my pleasure to have served with each of you.”

“I think that even now if you ask Mr. Topping about his word choice he would tell you that those are words that he regrets, said Nelson.  “I certainly understand how deep it cuts.  I’ve got tremendous respect for classified staff.”

59News reached out to Topping to get a comment but he was not available.  Vice Chair Bob Perkinson is taking Topping’s place.

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