Boat Explodes in NC Injuring 3 People


In Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, a boat explosion left three people severely injured. Two of them had to be airlifted to the hospital.

Witnesses said the boaters filled the bilge of the boat instead of the tank with gasoline. Once the boaters removed the battery, it caused a spark then the explosion.

Witnesses of the explosion said it was unlike anything they’ve seen before. “It literally sounded like someone stuffed dynamite into the hull of the boat and lit it on fire and it was just a loud boom, kind of looked around and I saw that everyone was running away-darting away,” said a witness, Colby Cummings. “We then saw two or three people get out. Two ran up the ramp. Another came running towards us,” said another witness, Ben Morris.

Both witnesses said after the explosion, the flames got very close to gas tanks at the dock.

Everyone was evacuated within minutes and luckily there were no more injuries.

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