Bulldozer rolls over, injures one


Police and EMS units responded to a call around 8:30 am on  Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015 that a man rolled over in a bulldozer on his way to a logging operation. Kenneth Butler of Nicholas County was pinned under a bulldozer after it rolled multiple times. Butler was headed to the Battle Creek Logging facilities off Lick Creek Road when police say he came too close to the edge of the narrow road.

McMillan says the poor condition of this particular road is not unusual, and the accident may have something to do with those conditions. He says, “most logging roads are pretty rough. This one is no different than what I’ve seen in the past. However the bank, like I said, is fairly soft, it’s a newer road they just had put in and it looks to me like the road just gave out and the dozer went over the side.” 

Although Butler was out of the bulldozer, and semi-responsive when police arrived, authorities are not sure if he was thrown from the bulldozer during the accident. He did suffer injuries to the back, neck, and head and is now in critical condition.  He has since been airlifted to CAMC in Charleston, with the hopes of treating those injuries. 

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