Burglary a Concern For Citizens of Oak Hill


After several reports of burglary over the summer, citizens of Oak Hill are showing concern about thieves in the area for this fall.

For instance, Holly Naylor has lived in Oak Hill for the past three years, but during that time, she says some very valuable items have been stolen right off of her porch. 

“My daughter had a brand new bike, she had it maybe three days, and it was stolen,” Naylor says. “We had a lawn mower on the porch and it was stolen as well.”

It’s happened so often, she’s nervous to leave her home unattended. Naylor believes she isn’t the only one in the community who has had this problem. 

“There have been several break-ins to vehicles, there’s been halloween decorations stolen from yards, there’ve been homes broken into, uh, things just gone through,” Naylor says. “People can’t leave anything anywhere without having to fear that someone’s gonna steal it.” 

Five burglaries were reported to Oak Hill police from late July through September. But Chief Mike Whisman says the burglary problem in Oak Hill isn’t as bad as people think. 

“I don’t think we’re overrun with burglaries,” Whisman says. “I think of course we have our share of them. We don’t see an abnormal amount compared to other municipalities, or out in the county. It’s just one of those things when they happen, we have to deal with it.”

Whisman says keeping your lights on can discourage burglars, and if you’re leaving town, be sure to tell a neighbor so they can keep an eye on your property.

And don’t forget to lock your doors.

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