Burglary arrests made in Mercer County


 A pair of men are in jail on Friday, April 10, 2015 on various charges involving a burglary investigation.  Timothy Stone, 36, and George Wright, 22, were arrested on Thursday.  Stone is facing charges of Daytime Burglary, Grand Larceny and Fleeing on Foot.  Wright also faces charges of Daytime Burglary and Grand Larceny.

The two men apparently broke into a home on Carolina Ave. in Bluefield, WV.  According to the criminal complaint they stole a safe that carried several guns and rare coins.  When the victim spoke with police, he told them one suspect was wearing a red hoodie and the other was wearing a yellow hoodie.  

Officer. J.T. Tyree was able to locate the two men on Bryant St. in Bluefield.  Detectives said that Wright was wearing a yellow hoodie.  He stopped and followed instructions.  Stone, who was wearing a red hoodie and carrying a bag, ran off into the woods after dropping the bag.  Officer Tyree ran after Stone and was eventually able to arrest him.  In the meantime, Wright had left the scene but was later picked up by Officer Davis with the Bluefield PD.  

When searching the bag, investigators found a safe inside.  The owner of the safe showed up at the police station with the key and was able to reclaim his property.  

During the questioning, Stone said that he saw Wright and another person break into the house and started walking with him after he came out.  He told police that Wright asked him to carry the bag, but he did not know what was inside.  Stone said he ran because he was afraid of getting caught in a shootout.  Wright apparently told police that Stone was the one who kicked in the door to the house.

 The investigation is being handled by the Bluefield, WV Police Department. Both men are in the Southern Regional Jail.  Wright’s bond is set at $4,000.  Stone has a bond of $5,000.

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