Businesses at Local Mall Take Part in Cyber Monday


Black Friday was a big success for many stores in southern West Virginia, but now businesses have shifted their focus to Cyber Monday. 

Leslie Thompson is the general manager of JC Penny’s in the Crossroads Mall. She says the store has extended deals from last week to its online sites today. 

It’s a way to give customers an opportunity to get a bargain on items that may be sold out at the store. 

“We have a lot of sales going on at the store,” Thompson said. “You know, pricing is not as good as it was on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. But we still have those deals going on. A lot of the sales are actually done online on this Monday.”

For JC Penny’s, toys were some of the hottest selling items for black Friday and carrying over into Cyber Monday. And Thompson says that customers can actually save even more on Cyber Monday by coming into the store. 

“It is an advantage if they come in and do that because most items, if we order in store for them, they don’t have to pay the shipping as long as it’s in the store,” Thompson said. 

Meanwhile over at Showtime Music, manager Bill Knight says he’s extended specific Black Friday sales into Cyber Monday. But he tells us that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are celebrated at his store for longer than just a limited time. 

“Tomorrow everything is still on sale,” Knight said. “It is the business of music. It’s on sale everyday of the year. If you’re not competing with the Internet, you’re already out of business. Everyday.”

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