CAMC Celebrates 30 years of Kidney Transplants


CHARLESTON- 30 years ago CAMC transplanted it’s first kidney, and since then the medical group has completed more than 1,100 transplants. 

Sunday afternoon, transplant recipients, physicians and CAMC Kidney Transplant Center staff gathered to celebrate. Later many released balloons in honor of the kidneys donated to patients. CAMC staff say they’re proud to have served their community with kidney transplants for 30 years running.

“It feels great,  it feels great, a lot of these patients were on dialysis for a long time, and to be able to receive a transplant and maybe be able to go back to work and lead a regular life is one of the greatest feelings you could ever have,” Mike Williams of CAMC General told 13 News.

Now looking back on the last 30 years, CAMC looks forward to serving their community for the next 30.

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