Caricature artist creates memories at State Fair


A chair and an easel make Mary Kay Williams job easy. 

She’s a magician with that magic marker, giving Sarah life on her canvass. 

Williams has been creating caricature masterpieces for nearly a decade and said although she’s created thousands of originals, each one has a special place hanging in the galleries of people’s hearts. 

“My artwork is a treasured keepsake for so many families and so many people, and so many couples,” Williams said. “It’s something I’ve created is valued by so many people.”

She says her creations only takes 3-5 minutes to draw, but those few, short minutes last a lifetime for others. 

“I had a couple who came to me in Asheville, North Carolina, at the fair, and they came when they were dating and I drew them,” Williams said. “They came the next year and she had the ring on her finger, so I drew the ring and the very next year, they were waiting for me and they had gotten married.”

Capturing the moments that are near and dear to people, is what Williams says her job is all about. 

But the true art of being a caricature artist, laughter. 

“I think I can do a really good job and make them laugh, I’m going to go all out,” Williams said. “The best thing in the world is when I rip it off and turn it around and they laugh or they go awe and more often in getting laughter.”

Her booth is located in the midway, next to the grandstands. 

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