Castle doctrine in West Virginia


Many people own guns for the sole purpose of protecting themselves if the worst should happen.But what does the law say about using your weapon in self defense? West Virginia has what’s known as a Castle doctrine.That means a person’s home is their castle.

However, just because someone breaks in to your home, that doesn’t mean you can use deadly force. You have to have a reasonable belief that you or your family is in immediate danger of death or major injury.

Prosecuting attorney of Raleigh county Kristen Keller says the laws are meant to find a balance between violence and self defense.
Kristen Keller said.” We want to to be so careful. We don’t want people to think they can get away with murder, but we don’t want law abiding citizens to think they can’t defend themselves and their families. I think everyone has thought about that in the wake of terrorist attacks and the movie theater shootings, you can’t help but wish some of those victims were armed, although whether it would do any good in the face of military assault weapons.”

The laws are different on the street, so if you can get away from an attack safely you should.

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