Certain railroad crossings have Raleigh County residents on edge


Raleigh resident, Rhonda Radford, has had enough with the railroad crossing near her home. 

“There’s no gate, there’s no lights, there’s nothing. The tracks are used routinely. Sometimes the trains have lights, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they blow their horn sometimes they don’t,”

Radford is talking about a crossing near her home in Raleigh. She said she’s seen trains come by at night without lights and no horn.

Melanie Cost, Spokesperson for CSX, said their Train Engineers are required to do certain things when crossing a road. 

“Our train engineers comply with the Federal Railroad Administration Regulation said they must sound the horn when coming up to a crossing,” Cost said.  

I’m told that crossings are controlled by the state or county highway system, depending on the location and those are the entities that determine what type of crossings to put up. 

Radford says more needs to be done at the crossing by her house, to avoid ANOTHER close call. 

“I froze. If he hadn’t been driving he would’ve gotten hit! This is a neighborhood, a community. There’s people that drive across this road multiple times daily. That’s dangerous, and needs to be addressed,” Radford said. 

Some communities have worked with the department of transportation to establish a quiet zone, meaning safety has been enhanced at the crossing in exchanged for the trains horn not to sound. 

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