Chaos in the Cafeteria at Shady Spring High School


One Shady Spring High School student came up from behind another, threw the victim’s head to the table and repeatedly punched her a couple weeks ago, administrators confirm.

A video of the fight was posted to YouTube, and as of Friday morning accumulated more than 3,000 views. It has since been taken down.

We showed the video to Leighann Morgan, a mother whose son is going to be a freshman at Shady Spring next year. Her biggest concern is that no one offered help to the victim as she was getting beat up.

“That disturbs me on many levels,” Morgan said. “Anytime I see people videoing something when they should be stepping in to help, it’s very disturbing.” 

We also showed the video to Zackery Brown, a man in Raleigh County, who says occasional fights in the cafeteria are just a normal part of the high school experience. 

“Well back in like whenever I was a kid, like people did fight,” Brown says. “It’s something that’s been around for since like, forever.”

Dave Traube, Raleigh County Schools public relations coordinator, said that no matter how upset a student is with one of his or her peers, violence is never the answer. 

“The best thing for students to do, is if they see a situation like that around them, is to immediately get a staff member, someone at the school they trust, or someone at the school that works there that’s close to them that knows policies and procedures and can step forward and stop that situation quickly,” Traube said.

Traube tells us depending on its severity, a student can be suspended for up to 10 days or expelled from school for getting into a fight. Administrators from Shady Spring High School are not releasing the names of any students involved. 

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