Child Drug Abuse Awareness Spread in Greenbrier County


For day care center directors like Jacqueline Dudley, taking care of children who come from a drug abusive environment is no easy task. 

“I would say probably 50 to 70 percent of our children in our day care center are affected by it someway or another,” Dudley tells 59News. “Whether it be family member or neighbor or family friend.”

To spread awareness about this issue, pediatric neurodevelopmental psychiatrist, Dr. Kiti Randall travels around the country to talk about the importance of keeping children out of drug abusive environments. 

Friday she was at at the Rhema Christian Center in Fairlea for the 20th annual Early Childhood conference. 

“Children are often the silent victims, and we need to be aware of that,” Dr. Randall says. “That our children in our community need us as a community to be aware of it, what the risk factors are.”

That’s why day care directors like Dudley are always looking out for the children they take care of. 

“We are mandated reporters, so if we suspect anything, any form of abuse and neglect, that has to be reported to child protective services and police,” Dudley says.

Dr. Randall went on to say that because children are our future leaders, all parents and guardians must help guide them through a drug free lifestyle.

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