Today marks the beginning of the holiday season in Alderson with Christmas Tea at the Cedars. This is also one of their first Christmas events since devastating floods swept through the town in June.

This is the time of year where many homeowners open their doors to host holiday parties for their closest friends and families. But for Steve and Kathleen Rose, they’re hosting a holiday event for the entire town of Alderson.

“It’s important, we didn’t buy the house just to sit in it we bought the house for it to be used and utilized, and none of this would be possible without the volunteers,” said Steve and Kathleen Rose, homeowners. 

Steve and Kathleen are one of the several couples who have owned the home since it was originally built in 1881. During the tea party, the homeowners gave tours of their holiday decorated home. 

“It’s not everyday you can have a British Tea so we’re excited, the place is beautiful,” said Richard Moore, tour guest. Richard and his family were some of the dozens of guests to tour the festive home. Sunday’s event is an annual fundraiser for the town hosted by Alderson Main Street. It’s also one of their first events since the town was flooded in the June 2016 Thousand Year Flood. 

“It’s good to see people coming to town and realizing we are still here and very viable,” said Ann Eskins, Tour Guide for the event.

The homeowners even served tea and appetizers on English china. “They’re spectacular, it’s really worth the visit,” said Myra Ziegler, tour guest. Although Steve and Kathleen aren’t originally from West Virginia, they are proud to call Alderson their new home.

“As we went to the Christmas festival the other night and saw all the lights and the families and the candy and the fire trucks it just felt so good and it felt like home,” Rose added. 

The Rose’s are hoping to host another event this coming summer.