Christmas comes early for residents in Greenbrier county


Christmas has come early for flood Victims and other Residents in Greenbrier County and its all thanks to Greenbrier West High School and a North Carolina Church.

The good book says its always better to give than to receive, and that was the goal for volunteers with the “Generation 4 H.O.P.E.”. 

H.O.P.E. which stands for Helping other people every day is a non-profit mission organization birth by Bishop Robert Hilburn and his wife Dawn. The couple is from Winston Salem North Carolina and are on a mission to help anyone in need. 

“We travel around and we bless different folks that have had tragedies and instances that have taken place and we give them supplies and things that they need,” Hilburn said. 

In fact Hilburn and the volunteers are no strangers to the Greenbrier area. Right after the devastating floods in June they were  on hand to extend a show support for flood victims. “We came up three weeks after the flood had happened and we did an observation of the area and looked at all the things  that had took place and the lord  just stayed on our heart to come back and bless them with Christmas,” he said. 

They cam back with a tractor trailer full of items  to give away. More than 1,00 pairs of shoes, hundreds of boxes of food and bikes and toys for the kids. 

Kids weren’t the only ones on the receiving end. Adults were also taken care of and showered with early Christmas gifts. 

John Harris lives in the Melbourne Area and took advantage of the give away with his son and daughter..He says the great show of support is something the world needs a little more of.

“Its a blessing from God. Anything that you can do to help put Jesus name out there to show these kids that what they need that’s what needs to be done the world is suppose to help the world and people now days don’t understand that,” Harris said 

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