Church youth group has a watch party for the Super Bowl


     While some churches had their regular services on Sunday, February 7, 2016, Calvary Assembly of God in Beckley had a Super Bowl watch party for their youth group.
     Jonathan Wolle, the Youth Pastor, says adults still attended their regular service, but the kids got the knight off, “We get food together and we tell the students about it and then we have to fight the adults from skipping in and coming in, church is fun, but the super bowl going on is exciting for them too.”
     While the parents are dying to know the score, the kids were hardly concerned with the game at all, that was right in front of them. Abigail Mancari, who attended the party, said, “I’m just having fun, hanging out with friends and watching the game.” Katie Lawrence, who also attended the get together, said, “Well I’m kind of doing both at the same time.”  
     One thing that was different about this watch party was the live stream cut off during every commercial break. Wolle said this was just a precaution, “We have the full capability of watching all of it, but we actually cut during commercials just because we don’t know what’s going to come up and some of the advertisements aren’t always tasteful for their age group.”  The event was for kids in the youth group and for young adults in college.

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