City Workers in Princeton Offer Tips To Prevent Your Area From Flooding


While we are expecting more rain in our forecast this week, we spoke to an assistant public works director in Mercer County about tips on preventing flooding in your area. 

Jackie Phillips is the Assistant Public Works Director for the city of Princeton.  On May 22, 2017, he said when they find out that rain is on the way, they try to make sure debris is cleared away from the culverts to prevent flooding.

Phillips said, “Just keep, not throwing grass in your ditches and stuff like that.  Gather all your grass up because your grass trimmings is usually what runs down to the ditches and then gets down there and makes all the debris, just stops it up.”    

Phillips said the culvert right off of Courthouse Road experienced some minor flooding over the weekend in the Dairy Queen parking lot. 

Phillips said,  “We try to go around and clean the catch basins where we know the debris gathers up like the big pipes and stuff like the one that’s behind me.  The one here at Dairy Queen does it all the time, stops up but we have come clean it out.”

Princeton Firefighter Adam Branscome thinks the key to preventing flooding is to not litter.   

Branscome said, “We like to encourage people to try to keep you know ditch lines cleaned out in front of their homes, try to keep trash picked up if they may drop it, to keep these things from happening.  It helps keep a lot of our streets in our area a lot cleaner and it helps keep the water from backing up because we don’t have to go out and worry about flooding issues.”

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