With creepy clowns making headlines on social media parents and law enforcement are now suggesting that people stay away from dressing in this once popular costume. 59 News spoke with police about this problem. 

Clowns are usually cheerful circus acts, but in the wake of recent photos showing creepy clowns, some brandishing weapons, they now have a more fearful reputation.Now authorities are warning parents not to let their kids dress as clowns. “You know, it may be in bad taste this year for someone to dress up as a clown. There’s nothing illegal about it, it’s just it could be in bad taste with the publicity and everything surrounding the clowns and what everyone has made it into,” said Lt. Jason McDaniel. Parents we spoke with agree, saying dressing like a clown this year is not a good idea. “Yes, clown costumes probably are not the best ideas this year so I would probably stay away from that,” said Jill Butler, Raleigh County Resident. Jessica Stover says her son wanted to wear his clown mask while trick or treating, but that’s not something she’ll allow. “He’s wanting to wear it but I said no, that might be kinda dangerous with everything going on,” said Stover.

Lieutenant McDaniel says it’s important to be safe when you’re out on Halloween, and clown costumes may not be the only thing you want to avoid. Wearing all black can be dangerous while walking down neighborhood streets. We’re told it’s better to wear bright, reflective colors to make it easier for other cars on the road to see you. While there are many precautions to take before you head out for trick or treating, parents say it’s all worth it in the end. “Just seeing the excitement on their faces and just the fun and it brings back lots of memories when I was little and we just have a good time,” said Stover. Parents added that it’s best to stick together in a group while trick or treating and to make sure your children’s candy is safe to eat.