Community Clean-Up Held In Bluefield To Help Trails Expand At Bluefield City Park


A community clean-up was held on Monday April 10, 2017 in Mercer County all in an effort to help an area park expand.  About 20 city workers and 30 volunteers from Recovery Point Bluefield picked up trash on Thorn Street in Bluefield.

Grounds Crew Supervisor for the city of Bluefield Nick Harrison said, “It’s a joint effort to clean up the area and make new trails.” 

Harrison said they filled up at least 2 garbage trucks with trash as of noon and the capacity for those trucks are are 7 to 8 tons.  They also picked up close to 300 tires.

Mickey Pellillo was volunteering her time to clean up the mess.  She’s the Chairman of the Trails Committee at Bluefield City Park.  The current trails are 15 miles long, but after the Monday’s clean-up , they will have about 17 miles.

Pellillo said, “The city got 70 more acres of land that they added to the city park.  We’re going to expand our trail system here and to do that we needed to get trash cleaned.  There’s lots of trash here so lots of work to do.” 

Pellillo said they want to keep expanding the trail.

She said, “The city is building a new parking a trail head here on Thorn Street.  There will be parking and a kiosk, trail maps, and you’ll be able to do a loop.  We’re going to call it Thorn Loop.” 
Their next community clean-up will be on April 24, 2017 on East River Mountain.

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