Community Pool at Concord University Is Now Closed


It’s being called a major shake-up for swimmers in Mercer County after the pool at Concord University gets closed.  What may be just a pool to some is a way of life for others.  Last week President of Concord University Dr. Kendra Boggess said they sent out a note saying the pool will be closed temporarily due to maintenance and budget issues. 

Boggess said, “We’re just really sorry that we have to take this step but our first mission is to making sure our students get a quality education here.  We want to make sure that everybody is served and that we’re not looking at closing anything else.”

John Lamb who is the president and coach of the concord C-Lions and also the head swimming coach at Pikeview High School is looking for ways to keep the pool open. 

Lamb said, “It was disappointing they didn’t reach out to us and bring us in on the discussions.  I think we could of found alternate resources to fund the pool.  Let’s look at the impact to our community and these children who have put a lifetime in this sport.”

The C-Lions is a community swim team.  The pool was also used by local high schools.  A former C-Lions coach and now the head swimming coach at Bluefield State College said the pool means everything to swimmers.  

Harry Ratliff said, “People don’t understand what swimming is and what it gives to the kids.”

Ratliff and Lamb set up a Facebook page called save the C-Lions so the community can show support.  Boggess said they plan to reopen the pool but they aren’t sure when that will be.

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