Community Weighs in on Governor Justice’s State of the State Speech


Governor Jim Justice gave his state of the state address last night focusing on the many problems West Virginia is facing.

As a former coal miner for 30 years, Nelson Foster believes Governor Justice is the man for the job. “He’s going to do it, he’s for the working person, I truly believe,” said Foster.

Governor Justice gave his state of the state speech addressing many issues West Virginia’s facing. He began his speech stating West Virginia is dying and said he’s working to make up for the $500 million  shortfall we’re in. “This is the most difficult and biggest depression we could ever imagine,” said Governor Justice.

As a part of his solution, Justice proposed raising DMV fees from $30 to $50 and increasing the price of gas by .10 cents. By doing this he believes that can bring in $2.8 million to the state. He’s also working to help with wages by giving classroom teachers a 2 percent raise. “It would probably be alright if the people here could make a better living,” said a Raleigh County Resident, Mark Watts.

Justice went on to say education is at the absolute worst and that needs to change. Governor Justice plans to cut back on testing explaining we’re testing kids to death and parents agree. “Testing them as if they’re going to be brain surgeons, leave them alone, it’s crazy,” said Watts.

Another big problem he addressed is the drug crisis West Virginia is facing. He said wants to create more treatment facilities throughout the state. “Our community and our state needs that, especially Wyoming and Raleigh counties,” said Raleigh County Resident, Tammy Bailey.

From there he said his biggest goal is to bring jobs back to West Virginia and residents said that’s going to take a lot of work. “It will take him a while, what’s the term, four years, it will take him every bit of it,” said Watts.

Governor Justice wrapped up his speech saying although we are dying, there’s a way out of this.

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