Companies Pitch in to Help Those Rebuilding


Representatives for Milwaukee Hand Tools visited during the floods and after seeing the devastation firsthand, they stepped in to help people recover.

Milwaukee Hand Tools donated a large amount of tools to SJ Neathawk Lumber in Lewisburg.

The company says they want these tools to go to people in need.

“It’s totally awesome for a company like that to see the need here in West Virginia and to give it out,” says Sergeant for the West Virginia Natural Resource Police, Bob Johnson.

Johnson distributed tools like porta-band saws, drill bits and pliers to local churches, including Big Clear Creek Baptist Church in Rupert.

He is working with the pastor to give these tools to people who will get the most use out of them.

“We’re going to see to it that they are used on a daily basis and return and reused until the need is no longer in this community,” says Johnson.

Right behind the pastor of the church has set up a recovery center where people could come and get wood, water, and even cleaning supplies. They are hoping to help people in this devastating time.

“Our goal is to help as many people as we can to get back into their homes,” says Pastor of Big Clear Creek Baptist Church in Rupert, Glen Kuhn.

Pastor Kuhn says these tools are available to anyone in need and will offer any additional help he can.

People can also access tools at local churches in Rainelle.

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