Concerns over flooding, tips to prepare


Marilyn Cooper has lived just outside Lewisburg for years. Her creekside home may seem like a dream location during the summer, but the coming storm has her stocking up on canned goods, in preparation for a flood. 

She says, “we have a low water bridge, on second creek, and when we have heavy rains, the bridge will be covered and we have no way out.” 

Paula Brown is the deputy director of Greenbrier County Homeland Security and Emergency Services. She says that flash flooding happens so quickly that it’s nearly impossible to stop, but that doesn’t mean nothing can be done to combat it. 

Brown tells residents, “number one, make sure all the culverts are clear. Anything that could, any debris that could block water and shove it in to your house, get all that stuff cleared around your house os that it can drain from your house. The other thing is to protect all your valuables. So you should already have photos of things in your house that are your valuables. Get them up to the highest elevation. Get your important documents up to the highest elevation.” 

Brown also says that it is important to remember not to drive through any high waters. When it comes to water on the road, it is extremely difficult to judge how deep the puddle may be before it’s too late.

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