Concord students hold vigil to honor Paris attack victims


     A candle light vigil was held Thursday, November 19, 2015 at Concord University to honor the victims of the Paris attacks and victims of other terrorist attacks.  The vigil was held by the the fraternity Phi Sigma Phi on Athens campus. The ceremony was short, but powerful. It began with a moment of silence.  Everyone lit a white candle and gathered together to make a huge circle. After students bowed their heads in respect, a member of Phi Sigma Phi, Chris Poor, delivered a speech with some astonishing statistics, “Their was 19 dead and 33 injured, that was Isis as well. Also that day 129 people perished and 430 were injured in the six attacks that happened in Paris, that was also Isis.”
     That was only a fraction of the recent attacks that Poore shared. He went on to say that with several international students at the University it’s important for the student body to be there for one another, “We just want to remind the community to stay strong, vigilant, and unified. Support those around that are having a hard time, you know those that are scared to go home if they do live over seas and especially support those in America who fear attacks.”
     The ceremony left many in silence. I spoke with the President of Phi Sigma Phi, Jeremy Getzandanner, whose words showed there isn’t much to say, you just have to be there for those who need support, “Any time an innocent humans life is lost it’s tragic.” About 50 students showed up at the vigil.

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