Concord University announces 2 new degree programs


Students looking for careers in Law Enforcement or Broadcast Media have some new options for degrees at Concord University.  On Monday, Nov. 28, 2916 the institution announced programs in Criminology and Broadcast Meteorology.  

The first program is a Bachelor of Science, with a major in Sociology and and emphasis in Criminology.  According to a release, students will receive a broad liberal arts education that encourages thinking critically about crime and justice issues.

“Students will learn the major theoretical perspective and research methods used by criminologist and tackle such questions as: Why does crime exist?  How do societies decide upon which behaviors to label ‘criminal’?  How do we explain criminal behavior?  What is the relationship between social inequality and crime? What social policies can reduce crime?  and What forms of punishment are most effective?” said Dr. Tracy Luff, a professor of sociology at Concord.

The program will begin at Concord during the Fall 2017 semester.  However, Luff said students can get a “head start” by enrolling in general sociology courses.  

The Broadcast Meteorology program consists of a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a Broadcast Meteorology emphasis.  Program coordinator, Dr. Joe Manzo said students who enroll and completed the degree would be eligible to be certified as a professional meteorologist.

Manzo is a professor of geology.  He said the program is a merger of geography, geology and communication arts.  It includes the subjects of oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, television production and speech.

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