Congress Prepares to Send Millions in Highway Dollars to West Virginia


If you think there’s a lot of road work going on in West Virginia now, just you wait and see. In the Nation’s Capitol Congress is poised to approve 44 billion dollars, in federal highways funds. Two-and-a-half billion of that will come to West Virginia over the next four years.

“To deal with our dilapidated roads, potholes, bridges that need to be repaired and projects like King Coal and the Coal Fields Expressway and so many projects around West Virginia, that have been stalled,” said Rep. Evan Jenkins, (R) West Virginia.

Some of the federal aid will be used as matching funds for the upcoming roads bond vote in West Virginia. The Governor and legislature passed a massive roads plan, in addition to what’s coming from the federal government. Labor leaders are hoping for thousands of new jobs.

“You get your initial wages people earn, and your benefits hopefully. But then they spending their money on the local economy. And they’re buying gas, and they’re buying new trucks. And they’re paying their mortgages. There’s a spin off in the local economy,” said Steve White, Affiliated Construction Trades.

State DMV fee hikes, and a wholesale gas tax increase will also help fund some projects.

With less than three months to go before the vote, elections officials across West Virginia are getting ready. They’re preparing ballots and clearing up the voter rolls in anticipation of the October 7th vote. 

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