Construction is underway at the future sight for Collins Middle School students


With Collins Middle School set to close for the next Calendar School Year. They are clearing land on the property at Oak Hill High School to place portable modules for classrooms.

For the past several days contractors have been cutting trees and leveling off the property to place the modules for the Fifth through Seventh graders.

( Original )The Fayette County Board of Education is planning to relocate Collins Middle School students to two separate mobile units next to Oak Hill High School.

Because the main building of Collins Middle is currently shut down, students there have to walk down a corridor lined with orange caution fencing everyday to get to and from the small portions of the school that are still open. 

Cynthia Hedrick, Collins Middle Principal, says students and staff there deserve a better academic environment.

“It’d be nice to not have to walk by condemned buildings, not to have to see the orange fencing,” Hedrick says. 

That’s why Fayette County Schools superintendent, Terry George says he plans to move the fifth through eighth graders attending Collins Middle to two mobile units. 

The units would be located next to Oak Hill High School, so the students from Collins Middle can use the gymnasium, cafeteria and some of the classrooms there. Both would feature 14 classrooms each. 

“Students will be located primarily in a unit that has a hallway and classrooms on either side, offices at the end of the facility, restrooms and work spaces for the teachers,” George says. “It’s going to be much more efficient means of the curriculum.” 

Hedrick agrees that moving the students out of the Collins Middle facilities is going to improve the overall quality of life and education for the students there. 

“That’s going to help the morale of the students,” Hedrick says. “Hopefully that’ll affect our academics, you know, our fight to achieve more. And I just think that overall for our climate culture it’s going to be a great move.”

George says the units are expected to be finished by the county’s next first day of school. He tells us that is projected to be August 15.  

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