Controlled Deer Hunt Scheduled At Pipestem Resort State Park


Community members said the deer population is getting out of hand at Pipestem Resort State Park in Summers County on November 12, 2015.  Jim Phillips is a retired naturalist who used to work at Pipestem Resort State Park.  He said it’s high time something is being done about the large deer population.  

Phillips said, “My wife and I rode across the park last evening and we counted 97 deer just for the park road.  Environmentally, there are too many deer here in the area and of course some people may disagree with that but then people run into them with their cars will agree.  They’re hard on the environment.”

Officials with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources said having too many deer in the same area can impact the health of the deer population because there isn’t enough vegetation to go around.  So, they took up applications for a controlled hunt.  The controlled white-tailed deer hunts are scheduled for the 16th, 17th, and 18th of November in 2015.  While not everyone is happy about the idea of hunting in the park, Amanda Phillips said she glad something is being done.

Phillips said, “There are tons of deer at the park.Every time you drive by you’ll see anywhere between 25 to 75 deer. I know family members at least once or twice a year have hit a deer or deer have hit them on their way home or their way out.” 

40 hunters who applied were randomly selected for the hunt.

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