Controlled Deer Hunt Successful At Pipestem


Officials at Pipestem Resort State Park in Summers County are calling a controlled deer hunt a success.  This was in effort to thin out the deer herd at the park.  The hunt started on Monday November 16, 2015 and the last day was Wednesday November 18, 2015.  

One man we spoke to near the park said, “The deer do not have natural predators now and that’s sort of what causes the numbers to get so high.  I’m in support of it.”

Superintendent of the park Dave Caplinger said hunters only brought in about 3 bucks and the rest were doe.  Caplinger said the purpose of the hunt was to thin out the large herd of deer and to improve the health of the remaining deer.  He said another goal is to allow the forest to regenerate.

Caplinger said, “As we harvested the deer, they were inspected by wildlife biologists.  It was determined the deer were consistently under weight for their age significantly.  We could also see some other signs of malnourishment and very poor antler growth among the bucks.”

We are told 51 deer were harvested.  A total of 120 hunters were selected for the hunt but about 90 showed up.  While many people may not be too happy about the controlled hunt, many people we spoke to say something needed to be done about the deer problem.

Ramond Neely said, “I think they really had a really good idea with doing it.  There’s a lot of people down here that could use the extra food.  The deer population stays more healthy.  They’re trying to do something really positive for us.”

Caplinger said they plan on having another controlled hunt in a few years.  Right now, nothing has been scheduled so far.

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