Copper thieves strike at Fayette County PSDs


Thousands of dollars in copper and unique water pumping equipment is stolen for pumping stations in Fayette County, WV.  Deputies are searching for suspects who have been breaking into Public Service District locations.  The bulk of the break-ins have happened in the Page-Kincaid area.  

April 22, 2016Page-Kincaid PSD Pumping Station
4829 Deep Water Mountain Road
June 6, 2016Page-Kincaid PSD Pumping Station
North Page and Ingram Branch Road
June 14, 2016Page-Kincaid PSD Pumping Station
3060 Dempsey Road
Aug. 8, 2016Page-Kincaid PSD Pumping Station
Beard’s Fork
Aug. 12, 2016Page-Kincaid PSD Pumping Station
Johnson Branch Road
Sept. 5, 2016West Virginia American Water Pumping Station
U.S. Route 60 at Jim Neff Hill
Sept. 9, 2016West Virginia American Water Pumping Station
Okey Patteson Road in Scarbro
Sept. 9, 2016Page-Kincaid PSD Pumping Station
?8072 Deep Water Mountain Road

The thefts happened between April 22 and Sept. 9, 2016.  The most recent was t the pumping station on Deep Water Mountain Road.  The suspects cut through the chain-link fence, broke into the pumping station and stole copper wire, breakers, condensers, pumps, pump starters, drive controls and communication units.  The value of the stolen items comes to more than $70,000.

Investigators said that, other than the copper, the items stolen are of little value and can only be sold for a fractions of their cost when they are sold as scrap. Deputies will be increasing patrol around PSD pumping stations in order to try and track down the suspects.  Anyone with information about the thefts is asked to contact the Fayette County 911 Center at 304-574-3590.  Tips can also be left at the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department’s facebook page.  At least two other incidents like these are being investigated by the West Virginia State Police.

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