County Commission Race is Underway in Greenbrier County


We’re just weeks away from the primary election and though there’s only one Greenbrier County Commission seat open, there are three candidates hoping to fill it. One of those men is Democrat Steve Malcomb, who is no stranger to the job. He served on the commission from 1999 to 2004, and believes he can help bring change to the county. 

“I have to have a purpose. And if my purpose is being at that courthouse and helping people and being there if they need a commissioner- I want to be that person,” says Malcomb. 

Another past commissioner, Brad Tuckwiller, is up against Malcomb for the Democratic spot as we get closer to the May10th primary. Tuckwiller says, “I feel like I can still contribute to the county and the community and it’s important to me that we look beyond tomorrow. That we look three, four, five years out in advance and I believe I’m good at that.” 

But incumbent commissioner- and the only Republican running for the seat- Mike McClung, says change may not be what the county needs. “I think it’s worth saying that things are better on the commission now than they once were. It’s been said that our county commission meetings are boring. well, we can do with a little less drama,” explains McClung. 

One thing they all three candidates agreed on was that one of the biggest issues facing the county is it’s economic state.

 “We face less income than we have historically,” states McClung. With Tuckwiller adding “we’re suffering some unemployment in the Western end of our county with the decline in coal.”

Malcomb also says, “the big issue right now, and a lot of people don’t realize it, is the economy. You see a lot of real estate for sale and it’s not really moving at the pace it should move.” 

The primary election to decide who will be on the ballot for the Democrats in Greenbrier County will be May 10th.  McClung is the only Republican and will face the winning Democrat in November. 

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